Spaces 360 Sponsors Indian Royale League

The Indian Royale League is initiated by a group of like-minded individuals with a clear and distinctive aim of bringing the joys of competitive Clash Royale to the country of India. While the main motive of IRL is to identify raw and hidden talents who often lack the opportunity to showcase their potential, it also sets a stage that would provide the structure and resources for the growth of Mobile Esports in the country. With promising education system and young minds blooming in various fields with their technical and labor skills India still hasn’t set the right motion in the field of esports where the situation is bleak and plenty of talent is left unnoticed. Although the undeniable truth behind this is that Indian parents would never allow their kids to take eSports as a career path, there is another addressing fact, which is the absence of predominant Esports community. This eventually leaves the majority as casual gamers. This is where IRL intervenes, IRL is not just a league, it is a passion, an opportunity, a stage for those who want to take their game to the next course and a community where we can unite all Indian gamers in one place.

While Indian Royale League wanted to discern the unrecognized gamers with high caliber, the hurdle was to figure out a solution to make this happen. IRL determined that not all players are on the same level, and although the highest level of competition and the fancy atmosphere it brings, are desired by everyone, sometimes it is not realistic. Through IRL’s genius design and hard work they developed a special league format that catered to everyone’s needs and wants. Indian Royale League will be split into two separate divisions, the first being the main competition level, where the predominant players will battle it out to show who reigns among them and the second division, where a set of unseen players who are capable of stealing the spotlight will be experiencing the tournament mode while also being guided and polished by the management. With the right nurture and with enough exposure towards competitive side of gaming, the hopes are the players will eventually find their way to the top one day. With this unique format and idea we aim to inspire others and place the seed in their minds as to how opportunity and exposure can optimise not only the players potential, but how they affect the community and others around them.

Indian Royale League wouldn’t be possible without the help of our incredible sponsors. IRL is sponsored by not only the kind, hardworking, hit mobile gaming youtuber Clash With Ash, and Spaces 360 as well. Spaces 360 is a one size fits all mobile gaming platform, it connects gamers and friends alike in their individual “spaces.” Both of these individuals recognize how instrumental India is in both of their separate pursuits. ClashWithAsh recognizes that a large portion of his active fanbase are users from the country India itself, and this is a way of giving back, among many other things. Spaces 360 understands and sees the synergy between this and in their own mission of uniting gamers, coaches, and users all across the world.

The Indian Royale League will begin league play on February 17th, 2018. The sign-up phase will be between January 6th – February 8th. This league will be solely and completely ran on Spaces 360, as it is not only a great website, but extremely useful in it’s management and user friendly features.

Written by:
High C (Spaces 360) & Mehu Di (IRL Admin Team)

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  1. Frazer Dsilva
    Frazer Dsilva says:

    Hey where will you send the timings and fixcture of IRL and we are keen to get a clear description about IRL its format eg – is it like ccgs or kings cup etc

    • Mehu
      Mehu says:

      Hi, I hope you are following Indian Royale league on spaces. I suggest you to check the calender over there for fixtures. It will be updated time to time. And also check rules and format to know eveything about the League 😉


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